Receive a "Mate-Alert" when a "Facebook-friend"
is in a one kilometer radius from you !

Why ?

Have you ever found out days later that one of your friends was at the same location as you on the very same day? It's frustrating when you miss that opportunity to catch-up because you didn't know. Well life is too short to let these things just happen by chance. With MATE-ALERT you will receive an alert letting you know when friends are nearby.

How ?

Simply log in with your Facebook account. Then, through your mobiles’ GPS you will be alerted when a friend is within a 1 kilometre radius of your location. It’s that simple!

My Privacy ?

MATE-ALERT does not enable you to track or spy on your friends. You will only be alerted if one or more of your friends are within a 1 kilometre radius of you. Plus MATE-ALERT has a visibility toggle to enable you to be invisible to others and the option to disable any potential alert if you wish to.

What If ?

You are worried about the alerts? For your convenience you will only be alerted once a day of the proximity of a mate, so you don't have annoying repeat alerts like some other applications.

MATE-ALERT was built with a specific goal in mind:
That you never miss a friend again. So, with no effort at all,
you can find out if you have friends nearby.